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Refer a Friend

Good people know good people. 

Whether it’s your mate, a colleague or even your in-laws – if they are anything like you, we want to meet them.


If your mates are anything like you, we want to meet them. To be honest, you don’t even have to be friends – they could be colleagues, in-laws or even your neighbour. The bottom line? If you know good people, give us a heads up and you’ll bag up to $1000 as a referral fee for a full-time contract (FTC)*.

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The small print:

Never forget to read the small print! In order to receive your referral bonus, your friend must remain employed for a period of three months OR the length of the guarantee period as per our client’s terms of business.


Our referral fees are based on:

  • 13wks+ Contract/FTC = $250

  • 26wks+ Contract/FTC = $500

  • 52wks+ Contract/FTC/Permanent = $1000

How do I start referring?

It’s simple. Fill in the form below and one of our specialist recruiters will take a look. If you have any questions about our referral programme, we’re always up for a chat – get in touch with our Sydney team.