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Nina Kehoe

I love working at Talent Web because I am surrounded by talented, passionate people who genuinely care about their candidates, clients and colleagues. I'm also offered the perfect work/life balance which is so important when you have 4 kids! I wouldn't work anywhere else...

Nina Kehoe, Talent Web Group

Project Manager

Peter was great at securing me my most recent role. He was helpful and patient with the recruiting companies process and kept me informed on a regular basis. I am grateful for his persistence in finding me the right role. Thank you Peter.  

Katrina Wrightson, NSW Health

Software Developer

Amy is the best recruiter I have met. She is proactive, enthusiastic and was always prepared to help. Amy was also a reliable point of contact and promptly replied to my questions about employers. Finally, Amy only showed me relevant job opportunities. This should be a given, but it is really hard to find someone that actually looks at your work experience and finds suitable vacancies. I fully recommend working with Amy.

Darren John, D8

Project Manager

Amy was great from the initial handshake to the celebration drink after I started the new job. She has kept me updated with feedback, and was very encouraging and supportive. Her guidance regarding the position and company has helped enormously - knew exactly where I was heading. I found Amy very professional and helpful and I will highly recommend her.

Mihai Anghel, Ingenico

Senior BA

I had taken the guidance of Alastair when I was searching for a new role after my previous one ended. What I found very positive about him was his genuine interest in knowing about my situation, my qualification as well as my preferences for my next role, even when there was no available role he could offer when we first started the conversation. This is unlike most of the recruiters I had engaged with whom would only spend time with you when they have roles to fill. I believe it was his diligence and honesty because of which he was able to convince the manager about my profile and secure an interview for me. The rest of the process went smooth and he kept me inspired throughout the process till I finally got the role.You would be surprised to know that behind the youthful nature and smiling face is a hardworking and competent personality and whoever interacts with him will definitely gain some motivation. Keep up the good work Alastair and I know you will always succeed in your future endeavours.

Dipendu Kar, Challenger

Alan Carroll

I consider Colin to be a great leader and manager but also as a good friend and would not hesitate in reaching out to him for advice which he is always happy to provide  

Alan Carroll, Facebook