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Most of us will know that January is widely regarded as one of the worst months for anxiety and depression, the end of the Christmas and New Year period can have a profound effect on mood for some. Going back to work after quality time with family, friends and loved ones, after weeks full of belly laughs, beach days and family time can be tough. Diving straight back into that 9-5 grind... (which more often than not, is never just 9-5!) commonly causes a lull in emotion. So it should come as no surprise that the most depressing day of the year - known as Blue Monday - falls in January.

So how do we combat this? At TalentWeb, every member of our team is tasked with continually focussing on progressive and innovative approaches to delivering exceptional results for our customers, so in turn, Talent Web as a business provides the same progression and innovation for our staff.

To give our team a platform for success, motivation, and contentment at the start of this new decade, we introduced a new initiative - 'January Hours'. Throughout the whole month of January, working hours for the business were reduced to 9-3. Allowing everyone to come in, get-sh*t-done and head home to kick back, relax and spend the afternoon with families and friends... And what can we say, it was an incredible success!!

Mums and Dads got to go on school runs, friends got to soak up the Aussie summer sun, afternoons were bursting full of ocean swims, good food and beach time.... not to mention a few cold ones too! 

A large study into the mental health of corporate Australia conducted in 2018 found that almost one in three employees from a range of industries were suffering from some form of mental illness. Of those, 36% suffering from depression, 33% from anxiety and 31% from unsustainable workplace stress. Dr. Michael Leiter, professor of industrial and organisational psychology at Deakin University, has been studying job burnout for decades, and believes between 5% and 7% of the Australian workforce suffers from burnout.

“Burnout has more to do with values, and prime, core motivations than it has to do with being tired. Being

tired is part of it, but it’s not the whole story,”

As far as we can see, the best way to stop that burnout and combat the low is to allow our people to prioritise those core motivations. We encourage trust, transparency and open-mindedness, and our people are disciplined enough to ensure that our goals are met while our spirit remains intact. The January hours initiative has resulted in immeasurable perks, including happier employees, a huge boost in morale and comradery in the office, and in turn an increase in productivity. The start of our year has been undoubtedly one of the best yet, and good vibes and results are already spilling into February! This is without a doubt something that we will do again.

We may not be the biggest business, but we recognise that a sense of mission and purpose inspires our people and our clients alike. No matter what it is, our drivers and motivators are all different but we pride ourselves on the human experience, we are down to earth, relatable people. We are just like you...

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