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Contract Recruitment

Solving your contract recruitment dilemmas – it’s what we do.

When you’re looking to hire contract resources, there’s one thing that matters most: bringing in the right skills, fast. It might be bridging a skills gap in your organisation, unexpected demand that has left you a bit shorthanded or the need for expertise on a project basis – whatever the problem that needs solving, you want a contract recruitment agency that can provide the expertise you need, when you need it. That’s where TalentWeb can help.


Each of our specialist contract recruiters draws on a vast network of contractors across Sydney and beyond. This allows us to scale up to meet any project demand, so it doesn’t matter whether you need one or ten experts, it’s what we do. On top of all that, we’re set up with all the modern tech you’d expect to manage our contract workforce, using intuitive timesheeting and payroll platforms that take care of all the financial nuances of employing a contractor. Not to mention, all TalentWeb contractors are vetted and insured prior to day one!


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