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Associate Director

Property, Engineering

My Path

I began what you might call my adult life studying geography at the University of Brighton in the UK. As an engineering recruiter I have 9 years' experience with 5 years of those in the built environment and transport infrastructure sector in Australia with a focus on civil and structural engineering professionals.

My Passions

Professionally, I'm passionate about connecting candidates with companies and opportunities that really mesh with what they want at a cultural and aspirational level. I care about where my candidates work. Personally, I'm an F1 aficionado, love a Savignon Blanc and I'm obsessed with bad reality TV shows (is there another kind?) and Grey's Anatomy.

My Value

I understand the intricacies of civil and structural consulting engineering.
I’ve built deep networks across Australia’s private sector.
I am the Co-Vice Chair of FutureNet.
I am on the FutureNet committee and do work with BuildingPride.
Whether it’s positive, negative or neutral – I’ll get you timely feedback throughout the recruitment process.

...and also, this

I used to sprint 100m for Essex.
I broke my thumb doing the limbo at a Halloween party.
I fell asleep at a Spice Girls concert when I was 5.