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Recruitment Consultant

Engineering, Property

My Path

I began what you might call my adult life studying geography at the University of Brighton in the UK. As an engineering recruiter I have more than four years’ experience in the global maritime industry, recruiting civil and structural engineers.

My Passions

Professionally, I'm passionate about connecting candidates with companies and opportunities that really mesh with what they want at a cultural and aspirational level. I care about where my candidates work. Personally, I'm an F1 aficionado, love a Savignon Blanc and I'm obsessed with bad reality TV shows (is there another kind?) and Grey's Anatomy.

My Value

I understand the intricacies of civil and structural consulting engineering.
I’ve built deep networks across Australia’s private sector.
I am on the FutureNet committee and do work with BuildingPride.
Whether it’s positive, negative or neutral – I’ll get you timely feedback throughout the recruitment process.

...and also, this

I used to sprint 100m for Essex.
I broke my thumb doing the limbo at a Halloween party.
I fell asleep at a Spice Girls concert when I was 5.