Principal Consultant



My Path

I studied International Business and French in Edinburgh, as well as spending a year on exchange at Sciences Po, Paris. (Less, Emily in Paris, more, intensive university workload, a mild brioche addiction and trying to work out the French for “hamstring” on the hockey pitch…). I began my recruitment career in Edinburgh in 2012, working for Scotland’s largest independent consultancy. Initially keen to utilise my foreign language skills, I was eventually drawn to the face-to-face interaction that came with working for the Domestic Accountancy and Finance practice across Scotland’s banking sector. I was fortunate enough to work for a wonderful mentor who provided me with a grounding in recruitment best practice that I’m thankful for to this day. A move to sunny Sydney in 2015 eventually came with a change of market, and, since 2017, I’ve specialised in the property investment sphere. I’m most proud of being able to elicit significant change in the lives of talented people and the relationships I’ve built along the way. Although, being delivered two huge boxes of Krispy Kreme donuts as a thank you has to be up there as a highlight!

My Passion

Growing up, my parents compared me to the Duracell bunny, and nothing much has changed. Sport and general fitness are a huge part of my life, and you’ll never find me too far from the netball court. I’ve recently made more time to indulge my creative interests and I enjoy everything from freelance copywriting to fashion styling. As corny as it may sound, I’m passionate about being a good person and doing right by others, and strongly believe it costs you nothing to be polite.

My Value

I specialise in one market, and one market only, allowing me to deeply understand its drivers and the opportunities and people within it. That aside, I’ll always try and make what can be a stressful process as enjoyable as possible, going the extra mile to equip you with the information you require to be successful. I also sound a lot like Mrs Doubtfire when I pick up the phone, which is surely a selling point in itself?

...and also, this

I’m about to complete a Diploma in Fashion.
I grew up in Orkney (an archipelago off the northeast coast of Scotland with excellent whisky and beautiful scenery, I encourage everyone to visit!).
I’m an ex-international netballer and champion shot putter.