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Property, Engineering

My Path

I began my career as a dental nurse before gravitating towards medical recruitment. It’s here where I began to learn my trade, placing highly-skilled professionals and learning recruitment skills which continue to help me to this day. Since landing at Talent Web, I've loved the shift into engineering recruitment, it’s eye-opening, rewarding and the calibre of people I work with inspires me day-in day-out.

My Passions

In my spare time, I love good cheese and wine (especially if it's the highly underrated Aldi creamy blue... mmm!). If the creative side of my brain cooperates, I also love doing acrylic paintings and having a boogie (especially to disco).

My Value

I connect talented people with their dream jobs. Right now, I'm working with civil and structural engineers and I love the feeling of placing a hard worker somewhere they'll be really valued.

...and also, this

I own almost 30 teapots.
I am a plant enthusiast and have more plants than space in my apartment.
I was a leading lady in a short film called "Cockatoo".