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Talent Manager


I started my professional journey in business support, and have worked as an office assistant, corporate receptionist and team assistant. When in those roles, I learned a lot and I worked with HRs and recruitment teams, office managers, and all things business support. I was always eager to get into recruitment, as I am passionate about helping candidates find their dream roles and I love to network, and build strong relationships.

My recruitment career took off in 2022, Specialising in all things Business Support. I believe my experience working in a variety of business support roles allows me to really understand what my clients are after, and I can find them the right candidate.


I am passionate about helping candidates find the right opportunity and making sure they have a great experience throughout the whole process. I am a people person, so I love building relationships and finding my clients the best caliber of candidates. Outside of work, I am a big ball of energy and love exploring new places and activities with my family and friends.


I'm reliable and hardworking. I pride myself on building and maintaining lasting relationships, and if I can help you land your dream job, then that is the best feeling in the world.

Bonus: We may even become good friends during the process!

...and also, this

I love karaoke but cannot sing if my life depended on it

I’m pale as a ghost but I am secretly a sun-loving mermaid