Senior Consultant

Business Support


What do I stand for? 

Honesty, integrity and having fun - you're here for a good time, not a long time! 


What am I passionate about? 

People - on all levels! Whether from a work perspective, socialising or meeting people - I love all the idiosyncrasies that make us all who we are. Also on the down-low - I love my cats (but don't tell anyone - I'm not crazy I promise). 


What am I best at?

As a perm office support recruiter through and through - I am a true job matchmaker! I love partnering with businesses as an extension of them; ensuring I truly know their culture, values and what they do. On the flip side of that too, ensuring I know my candidates - their experience, and value add, why you should look deeper than just the CV! Working across office support roles from Reception to PAs and all the other roles in between, reach out to chat about what you are looking for.