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Technology, Digital & Projects

My Path

I began my recruitment career in Australia back in 2008, just before the GFC… a less than ideal time to try my hand in a new industry!! But I worked hard and quickly rose through the ranks, becoming the youngest GM in my company’s history at aged 29, responsible for a $120m P&L across NSW, VIC and WA. I was also part of the M&A team that successfully integrated three businesses into our group post acquisition over the five years I was there.

My Passions

I strive to use our business as a force for good, balancing purpose with profit, the two are not mutually exclusive. I want to create positive impacts for our people, our customers, our suppliers, our community and our environment. Oh, and my babies, I'm crazy about my babies!!

My Value

I'm committed to quality.
I make an emotional investment with every one of my clients.
I put in the hard yards and....
I am always on the ball!

...and also, this

I once saved a man's life.
I hate cotton wool.
I have picked over one million kiwis.