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Technology, Digital & Projects

My Path

I hold a bachelor’s in business administration. As well as several years of commercial experience as a sales assistant and an assistant manager within the hospitality industry. People have been my profession since the start, so my career pivot to recruitment is a natural one.

My Passions

I find passion in things that make me feel like I’m making a difference for others or myself. It can be as minuscule as going out for a run to improve my health, or as generous as supporting a charity, or as fulfilling as finding a candidate the right job for them. No matter what it is, if doing something makes a positive impact for someone, then I am passionate about it.

My Value

Currently, I am working within the infrastructure sector of the technology industry. I am as dedicated as I am diligent, and I go the extra mile for all the candidates that I meet. I believe in giving honesty in order to receive honesty, so I speak openly with the people I work for and with. Finally, I’m an innovator at heart and enjoy finding new ways to do things better than I did them yesterday.

...and also, this

I can DJ mix music, used to do it full time, now retired that life and enjoy all kinds of music.
I am an avid gardener.
I have a phobia of clowns.