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Principal Consultant

Business Support

My Path

If I had to describe my professional background in one word it would be: Hybrid. I’ve worked across customer services, account management, sales and marketing in industries ranging from Hospitality, to SaaS. This rich mixture of experiences enables me to see outside of the box and get creative when it comes to working with clients and candidates. Degree: Bachelor of Arts gained in Bath, UK.

My Passions

I’m actually kind of passionate about being passionate! Singing is one of the things that brings me the most joy. You’ll find me singing everywhere I go, examples include: the shower, my desk, the CBD. In my spare time I play kickball (think baseball but…you get it) and attend regular Pilates and Spin classes. My balance is that I also enjoy sampling the best Sydney has to offer when it comes to eats and wines. Oh, and I absolutely love dogs (yes, I do crazy dog voices).

My Value

Having an extensive background in customer services, account and relationship management in industries ranging from global tech to government. I pride myself in building and maintaining lasting relationships. I strive to be that point of difference for both my candidates and clients... and being a Yorkshireman I tell it how it is.

...and also, this

I've met global superstar Beyoncé multiple times and she called me a cutie pie
I can turn my eyelids inside out
I performed a leading part in RENT the musical in both London & Sydney