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What We Think


by David McKillop

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In the face of the challenges we are taking on worldwide, we all need to reset, review and refocus our mindset for a short period of time. 

What worked last week may not necessarily be the best option now. So what can we do to ensure we are in the most positive and focussed mindset at this time? I have put together a few tips to help you achieve this along with a clear framework for goal setting. These should all be great tips for resetting, reviewing and refocussing with clarity, putting you in the most positive and productive headspace possible over the coming months.


  • Develop a vision for your short term future – it is a clear short term vision (30 days)
  • Plan – don’t panic. With a plan you make progress and with progress, you develop passion and energy
  • What is your number one goal? This counts for both personally and professionally (see goal-setting plan below)


  • Assess what is happening and react (emotional) and respond (action)
  • Pick a mindset that you want to achieve in the next 30 days. Is it invincible, tenacious, empowered, focussed, etc
  • Mindset is reinforced by daily rituals.  What are the three daily rituals you can put in place to ensure that mindset?


  • Priorities – what are three objectives that you are trying to achieve each day
  • What projects can we do now to propel your position once things are back to normal? 
  • Personal – what can you do for both your mental and personal health in this environment


  1.        Find out what emotion do you want to experience.  What do you want to feel?
  2.        Articulate your number one goal
  3.        Set a date that you want to achieve it by
  4.        Work out 5 reasons WHY this is important
  5.        What are two things that you need to start doing and what are the two things you need to stop doing to achieve this
  6.        What milestones will you have to achieve along the way to make sure you reach your goal 

Remember that in all that you can’t control, there is a lot you can.​​

With thanks to Keith Abraham and The Conquer The Crisis Webinar