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What We Think


by Rob King


Typically at this time of year, as summer finishes in Sydney and the autumn weather draws in, our hard working overseas travelers tend to leave Sydney seeking warmer climates up North. For the majority of the year we rely heavily on their fantastic work ethic and the assistance that they bring to our businesses.


Speaking to many of my clients of late there has been a larger focus on holding off any full-time headcounts and getting temps instead to cover. Nothing looks set to change in the run up to EOFY, and with many organisations growing at an incredibly impressive rate, we still need excellent talent available at short notice across a wide range of skills & experience over the coming weeks.


It feels like only yesterday I was opening my Christmas presents, now with EASTER fast approaching (and not to mention ANZAC day), companies will see a big hit in staff annual leave. I have always kept myself well prepared for this busy period, year on year sourcing the best temps in the market to cover the demand.


So, for the ones who can’t decide if they should leave through our gorgeous Sydney winter, my advice would be, stay put and reap the benefits of more temp work.


For those who really can’t handle the thought of the terrible 21c, bright, sunny days and enough work experience to keep you traveling the globe, good luck up North and we welcome you with open arms on your return.