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What We Think


by David McKillop


Love it or hate it LinkedIn appears here to stay.  


Experience tells us that there is often confusion about how it can be used and what it is really there for.  However, with a bit of effort and inspiration LinkedIn can be a key tool for marketing yourself, your business and/or your skill set.


As an employer of staff your profile can do a huge amount to attract strong team members. Used correctly it appeals to potential candidates by presenting you as a credible, experienced and engaged leader. It can tell a story about your career and help answer why you are the right leader for a candidate……..just remember to use a professional photo!


One of the key tools we use in recruitment is LinkedIn’s “Recruitment Professional Services” module which allows us to search deep in to profiles including things like industries, skills, systems, qualifications, years of experience and so on.


If you want to be found, we will find you!


With that in mind it is important to have a lot of detail and relevance in your profile content.  You may not be looking for work right now, but you may want to hear about relevant opportunities that may add salary or experience to your career.


Finally, make sure that your contact information is up to date (i.e. the right email address and telephone number). Old colleagues, university mates, training partners etc can add so much to your professional life, make it easy for them to find you and stay in touch.  


LinkedIn should be the best possible professional representation of yourself, be proud of your profile!