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September 13, 2016
Talent Review; The Post-Placement Care Making all the Difference

Post-placement care can mean the difference between a candidate being happy and committed in their role, or a client looking to replace them after one month because it didn’t work out. Since we started Talent Web, we have been providing post-placement reviews as standard practice. Our team is often surprised to hear from prospective clients that they haven’t taken part in one with the recruiters they’ve previously worked with.

Our Talent Reviews act as an in-role reference, seeking insightful information from both client and candidate at the one, three, and six month marks after employment. Often clients and candidates ask us how these work and what are the benefits to participants.

How do they work?

In our Talent Reviews, the recruiter that placed the candidate will work through a set list of questions in order to gain detailed insights on the role to date. This includes a focus on the induction process, and whether the role exceeds expectations set out in the interview, or falls short. We will gauge whether the new employee has a clear understanding of where their role is heading over the next six months, if they are committed to being there in the future, or if they already have their eyes on the door.

Once we have a clear picture of how happy our candidate is and how successful the placement has been, we will discuss sharing topics or issues with their manager in a respectful way, provided the candidate is comfortable. For many candidates in new roles, it can be difficult to broach any issues as they often don’t know what they can safely question without reproach. In most cases, roughly 95% of our candidates are happy to share what they’ve talked about with the assurance that issues are approached in the right way. By opening communication lines and passing on feedback, along with some tangible action points, we can help guide the employer to fixing issues before they become deal breakers.

After speaking with candidates, the recruiter will complete a similar form-driven conversation with the employer on how they feel their new hire is settling in to the team and performing in their role. Throughout this, we provide relevant feedback from our conversation with the candidate – depending on how much information they were comfortable with us discussing. We can provide a valuable insight on areas where there may be an inconsistency and how they can try to close that gap.

Typically, we find that candidates don’t know what the next three months look like, or haven’t been given any constructive feedback on their performance. They want to know how they’re tracking, how their manager perceives their progress, and what other projects they can be working on. We look for that feedback and deliver it to the manager in a way that they can use. We also document the whole process so that at the second and third review we can look at what’s improving and what’s not.

Benefits to Candidates

For candidates, we provide a sounding board; an external adviser that has built a relationship with them throughout placement. They are given a platform to discuss their role without heading to their manager and presenting their thoughts in a manner that could impact upon their professional standing. They are provided with someone to give them advice on how to handle issues and move forward.

If candidates have accepted a role that we have recommended to them, we take on the responsibility to do right by them and ensure they made the right decision. When we complete these with candidates the feedback is always that they’ve never worked with an agency that does this, they have been placed and never heard from their recruiter again, especially in such a comprehensive manner.

Benefits to Clients

We complete these all over Sydney with large corporations, small businesses, and everything in between, and are given a view into how each company operates. This makes us well-placed to offer feedback and constructive action points on achieving best practice in order to retain employees.

Clients are able to see very early on when something isn’t quite right, as we identify potential issues for concern and offer advice to fix them before they become larger, unsolvable problems. We know that refilling a role within the first 12 months is a timely and costly exercise, one that can be avoided by integrating a new team member seamlessly.

Have you taken part in a Talent Review Recently? We’d love to know how it helped you.

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